Empowerment Dinner Scholarship Application

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Please submit a 200–500-word statement outlining the significant experiences, including advocacy, leadership, and personal accomplishments that qualify you for this scholarship. Highlight the personal achievements and experiences that have helped form your character as either a woman of color and/or an advocate for women of color. Please address the following three areas of focus in your personal statement.

Areas of focus:

  1. Applicant shows significant experience(s) that advocates for issues and concerns pertaining to women of color. This can include community organizing, service, elected positions, internships, compensated roles, volunteerism, and student organizations, etc.
  2. Applicant has held, or holds, leadership positions focused on women of color. Leadership can include peer-mentorship, roles in clubs and student organizations, taking the initiative to lead a project, etc.
  3. Applicant describes their experiences that demonstrate support for, or experience with, issues and concerns of women of color.
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