Right To Be - Bystander Intervention: Stop Hate and Harassment on Campus


- 4:00pm


VU 735 (Multicultural Center Multipurpose Room)


*The viewing at WWU is cancelled due to snow and the university closure. We highly encourage you to sign up on Right To Be's website and watch the webinar independently!*

Right To Be is offering this interactive and experiential learning experience that will teach you how to author your own resilience, using Right To Be’s resilience methodology: sit with what is, create your story, and be in choice.

We’ll start by talking about what resilience really is, and how it’s different (and harder) than self-care. Using guided practices, we’ll learn how to hold our pain and still find joy. We’ll explore how we’re making sense of this moment — and how that’s shaping our experience of it. And we’ll learn practices to recover quickly when we’re knocked down by the world.

This presentation will be viewed in VU 740 and is open to all.

AA/EO. Accessibility Statement: This event is intended for all participants, including those with visible or non-apparent disabilities.  For disability accommodation(s) (such as ASL interpretation, etc.) please contact the ADEI Unit, ess.adei@wwu.edu. Advance notice is appreciated and sometimes necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

Image description: White square with yellow triangle in top left and orange along right side. In purple text is title “Bystander intervention training” Title is followed by: “Stop Hate and Harassment on Campus - January 17, 3-4:00pm. Sessions provided by Right To Be.”