Spoons and Knives


- 2:00pm


Wilson Library 165 (Disability Outreach Center)


Spoons and Knives is a group for students with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic illness to find community. We meet weekly on Wednesdays from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM. Anyone and everyone is welcome. The group is facilitated by Disability Outreach Center student staff and is intended as a safe space for students.

AA/EO. Accessibility Statement: This event is intended for all participants, including those with visible or non-apparent disabilities. For disability accommodation(s) (such as ASL interpretation, etc.) please contact the ADEI Unit, doc.education@wwu.edu. Advance notice is appreciated and sometimes necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

Image description: Dark green background with cream text at the top reading “Spoons and Knives Spring Quarter" in all caps, with a graphic of an overlapping spoon and knife underneath. In the middle, is a thick cream squiggle with green text overlaying it reading “Wednesdays 1-2pm, Wilson Library 165.” Underneath the date and time is the cream colored description of the group which reads, “A social and support space facilitated by DOC student staff for WWU students with lived experience of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic illness.” In the lower left corner are the WWU logo and DOC logo, and in the lower right corner black text that reads: “WWU is an equal opportunity institution. For accommodations, please email doc.education@wwu.edu.”