Support after Monterey Park shooting

Square with pale orange background that becomes darker pink on the right side middle of the square. At the top in large black font is the text “Community Care and Processing Space.” Below that in smaller black font is the text “Monday, January 23 at Noon, Multicultural Center, with the Office of Multicultural Student Services and Counseling and Wellness Center.” Below the text is a black line and to the right of the line is the white outline of a heart shape

Content notice: This post discusses gun violence and racist violence.

Commuity Care and Processing Space


Monday, January 23 at Noon in the Multicultural Center with the Office of Multicultural Student Services and Counseling and Wellness Center


Last night, 10 people were killed and at least 10 others physically injured in a shooting at a dance studio in Monterey Park, California. Monterey Park is a majority Asian American city. The shooting happened after thousands of people had come together in the city that day to celebrate Lunar New Year.


We are sending care and love to the people impacted by this horrific shooting. While the motive isn’t known, we know this violence follows multiple acts of violence targeting Asian and Asian American people, including the stabbing earlier this month of a student who attends Indiana University. We know acts of hate and violence far from us can still deeply impact us and those we love, especially when we are connected to the community where the violence happened. We know that everyone deserves to celebrate and exist joyfully in community safely and without fear.


Western students, we are here for you. On Monday, January 23 at noon we will hold care and processing space in the Multicultural Center. On Wednesday, January 25 at noon, our weekly MCC lunch was already planned to celebrate Lunar New Year; at the lunch we will both celebrate and take time to honor those killed yesterday. Please reach out and let us know how else we can support you.

In community,

Multicultural Student Services, LGBTQ+ Western, the Disability Access Center, and the Counseling & Wellness Center